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End-to-end virtual, augmented, and mixed reality technologies, products, and services.

We help you turn your audience’s attention into intention using engaging immersive digital experiences that drive sales, and boost productivity.

Trusted by leading organizations in Ghana.

Drive results with DOBIISON

Increase engagement


with interactive experiences that allow customers to explore and interact.

Increase sales


by inspiring more visits to your property by potential buyers across the globe.

Decrease travel time and cost


by removing the need for in-person site visits.

Cut project time


by letting teams access properties anywhere, anytime using VR technology.

Reduce carbon emissions


by eliminating the need for air and car travel.

How it works:

Capture/ Create

We capture real-world spaces using our high-resolution DSLR and 3D cameras or create digital assets and worlds using computer assets.

develop vr content

Captured imagery or digital assets are processed in virtual tours, 360º videos, VR games or AR experiences.

share content

Embed your interactive content on your websites, share on social media, and experience in VR headsets. 


Navigable, immersive walkthroughs and interactive tours that give your customers a true sense of your properties and spaces in unrestricted 360º and 3D views.

Residential real estate - Appolonia City
Education - Academic City University College
Facility Management - Rigworld Group


Africa’s first virtual reality cultural heritage & travel platform, offering interactive virtual tours and immersive 360º videos of Africa’s natural and cultural heritage sites, tourist attractions and places to stay.


Enrich consumer experiences and promote your business and products with world-class 3D, VR and AR mini-games,  experiences, and concert visuals. Choose from our library of ready-to-use digital content, XR experiences, and VR mini-games that can be rebranded, while providing exclusive, custom-built solutions as a premium service. We also offer 360º video production, and VR headsets and kiosk rentals.


360 ghana virtual tours ano museum
Ano Mobile Museum
Each Mobile Museum will look at the culture and knowledge systems of each region, how we historically understood the world around us, how this has...

Solutions made just for you

We bring together everything that’s needed to either digitize your space and conveniently manage it all online, or create digital assets and worlds to promote your business and products, including specific add-ons and customizations for your industry.


Real Estate



Architecture, Engineering and Construction

Facilities Management

Travel and Hospitality

Public sector/Government

The efficiency and power of InfinitiView has transformed Appolonia City’s sales and marketing efforts, and the commercial real estate industry in Ghana as a whole." Matthew Ansah, Appolonia City Sales and Marketing Manager.


How Rigworld Group made their facilities virtually accessible globally.


How Ghana is driving tourism using digital technology


How Closeup is increasing consumer engagement and sales using virtual reality games

Capture/Creator Services

Expert technicians and creative designers are ready to digitize your space or imagination. Get in touch with us today.

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